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Vote On New Word To Mean Person With A Naturalistic Worldview

I have just created a new poll (February 5th, 2004) that includes a new term (Community of Reason) and also favorites from either the original polls, or from the Skeptic Magazine polls. There are 11 terms to vote from in the pull down menu. The original information and polls are available at the bottom.

"Others" was suggested by Bill Atkinson and added on March 19, 2005.

New poll, new or most popular terms based on polls on this page and the Skeptic Magazine polls
What unifying umbrella term should people with a naturalistic worldview use?

Old polls and information.

I am seeking feedback from people of all religious and philosophical persuasions. Naturalist is a term that describes a person with a naturalistic worldview, who believes that anything defying the laws of nature (gods, afterlife, ghosts, angels) does not exist. However, it can also mean a person who is a nature-lover, or who prefers not to wear any clothes (nudist). I am looking for a new term that means the same thing as the first definition of naturalism that I gave, that would not be confused with another group of people. I want to avoid anything that would be considered offensive to other people, which is I why it's important that I also get feedback from religious people as well, particularly on the last poll which asks which terms might offensive. If you have any suggestions to add, please e-mail me at Thank you for your time.

Characteristics of the ideal term:
not offensive to others
not insulting to us
will describe what we are, rather than what we are not short
not elitist; understandable by the average person
will describe us without also describing others
will not exclude some of us
will not get us confused with other groups of people

Not all of these terms fit all of these characteristics. It is up to you to decide which one fits best. In order for me to know how many people in each worldview participated in this poll, the first poll is a 2-choice question about your worldview. Then there are the actual word polls. For the first one, please pick your favorite term; for the second one, please pick your second favorite; for the third one, please pick your third favorite; and for the fourth poll please pick all the terms, if any, that you find offensive. Thank you!

Participant worldviews

What's your worldview? (Please choose only one)

I believe in a spiritual world, God, or an afterlife.
I believe that the natural world we live in is the only one there is.
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Alternative terms for Naturalist
Which term would be best to use to describe a person who has a purely naturalistic worldview (no gods, no afterlife, no magic)

Current Results

Alternative terms, 2nd choice
Which term would be 2nd best?

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Alternative terms, 3rd choice
Which term would be 3rd best?

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Offensive terms
Which terms seem offensive to you, if any? Check all that apply, please.

Enlightened Ones
Epicurian Naturalists
Philosophical Naturalists
None of the above